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ScanBox works with organizations to ensure the records retention policies and procedures of our clients are compliant with federal & state laws and industry guidelines. We strive to minimize out client’s litigational risks due to early destruction of documents or retention of documents past the dates they should have been destroyed.

We prep your paper documents and scan them using a process that guarantees admissibility in court, if needed. We can then attributize the digital documents so the document and their attributes can be loaded into a document management system or enterprise content system and be searchable.

ScanBox is not a typical document management company. We provide a complete service from beginning to end. When Scanbox works with companies and organizations, we begin with an analysis of the origin of their documents and who should have access to them throughout their lifecycle. We then work with companies to re-engineer existing records retention processes and develop educational material.

We Understand Legal Issues Surrounding Document Retention

The regulations for records retention are complex and often confusing. ScanBox understands federal and state regulations for records retention. We also take into account industry organization guidelines that direct retention practices and know when to purge documents that are past their retention period.

Providing Employment to Veterans

Our core values include providing employment to veterans, service disabled veterans, and those living with disabilities. These communities find it harder than most to secure employment. One of our tag lines is “serving those who served us,” and we mean it. We proudly hire those who served our country, providing them with a safe, low-stress work environment.

Still Skeptical?

Still Skeptical?

Don’t look like this guy during an audit.

Are you prepared for your audit?

Audits are more than financials. Are your records retention policies and procedures compliant with ISO 15489-1:2016, or DFARS 252.204-7012?

“ScanBox Document Management Solutions solved our document organization and management issues within our company! We have tried multiple other services in the past and ScanBox has the easiest solutions.”
John D, Pittsburgh

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