The aviation and aerospace industry has exacting records requirements. The FAA requires that records are safely stored, easily retrieved, and disposed of as required by federal schedules. Still, other records are required to be handled properly by state aviation agencies. Aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) include records that determine an aircraft’s worthiness, but lead to a labyrinth of policies and procedures. A great majority of these records are on paper, meaning that it’s not unusual to have incomplete documentation for original and aftermarket aviation parts and maintenance records.

ScanBox can create a document scanning and management plan for aviation-related businesses that will ensure your records are scanned, retained, and, if necessary, purged at the right time.

Still Skeptical?

Still Skeptical?

Don’t look like this guy during an audit.

Are you prepared for your audit?

Audits are more than financials. Are your records retention policies and procedures compliant with ISO 15489-1:2016, or DFARS 252.204-7012?

“ScanBox Document Management Solutions solved our document organization and management issues within our company! We have tried multiple other services in the past and ScanBox has the easiest solutions.”
John D, Pittsburgh

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