Non-profit and Government Organizations

Non-profits often have large amounts of paperwork, but not enough hands to properly process it.

Federal, state, and local governments possess mountains of paperwork that have been sitting in boxes for decades. Out-of-date document retention practices mean that document retrieval can take months or years. With ScanBox, your government department or organization can revolutionize their work through consolidation that welcomes new efficient records retention policies.

A document retention program using ScanBox’s methodology would allow various government agencies and non-profits to take control of their records. You’ll no longer need to wait for records to be delivered from a third party, you won’t have to navigate endless paper, and there will no longer be ambiguity about when to keep or purge documents.

Still Skeptical?

Still Skeptical?

Don’t look like this guy during an audit.

Are you prepared for your audit?

Audits are more than financials. Are your records retention policies and procedures compliant with ISO 15489-1:2016, or DFARS 252.204-7012?

“ScanBox Document Management Solutions solved our document organization and management issues within our company! We have tried multiple other services in the past and ScanBox has the easiest solutions.”
John D, Pittsburgh

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