If your company or organization is required to keep documents (and they likely are), ScanBox works with you to create legible, legally authentic images that can be used in a court of law. Many companies don’t realize that there are rules that regulate digital document creation, and few have a records retention department.

ScanBox can attributize your documents, which enables you to quickly find information about each document scanned, including the type of document, the date, product and customer number, or any information that can be stored and then recalled at any time. This feature can also tell you and your staff when the scanned document can legally be purged.

Document Scanning, Preparation, and Records Retention

We scan, organize, and show you how to retain or purge your records. ScanBox’s services save you time and money, reduce the risk brought on by litigation, and make record retention and recall much more efficient. We put policies and procedures in place that can withstand employee turnover, so you won’t worry about personnel or company changes once your paper records have been digitized and made searchable.

ScanBox provides:
We can help any company or industry, including:

Storing hundreds or thousands of boxes of paper can be expensive, and many companies have discovered that their aging documents have deteriorated or been damaged by the storage environment. Scanning your documents provides a low-cost alternative, and these images will stand up in court, if needed, for legal proceedings. After scanning documents and entering all images into a document management system (DMS), your paper records can be destroyed unless required to be preserved by law. ScanBox will analyze your documents, determine who should have access to them, and train you on your new storage, retrieval, and purging process.

Call ScanBox today to improve your record retention process, your efficiency, and your bottom line.

Still Skeptical?

Still Skeptical?

Don’t look like this guy during an audit.

Are you prepared for your audit?

Audits are more than financials. Are your records retention policies and procedures compliant with ISO 15489-1:2016, or DFARS 252.204-7012?

“ScanBox Document Management Solutions solved our document organization and management issues within our company! We have tried multiple other services in the past and ScanBox has the easiest solutions.”
John D, Pittsburgh

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