Document Scanning

As your document management firm, ScanBox’s central service is document scanning, also called digitization, as well as assigning attributes to digital documents. We design procedures that are customized for each client, depending on their industry, requirements, and needs.

Each customer will receive a Statement of Work (SOW) that designates document processing, attributization, level of detail needed, File Naming Convention, and how document boxes will be handled after scanning. Many paper documents can be legally disposed of after being properly digitized so long as authenticity can be proven.

Once the SOW has been created, we will prepare your documents for scanning. After scanning is completed and processed, your paper documents will be reassembled and then will be returned if they are needed or will be disposed of according to the terms of the SOW.

Through our internal processes, we guarantee authenticity of digitized documents, and can ensure that the documents are admissible in a court of law.

Still Skeptical?

Still Skeptical?

Don’t look like this guy during an audit.

Are you prepared for your audit?

Audits are more than financials. Are your records retention policies and procedures compliant with ISO 15489-1:2016, or DFARS 252.204-7012?

“ScanBox Document Management Solutions solved our document organization and management issues within our company! We have tried multiple other services in the past and ScanBox has the easiest solutions.”
John D, Pittsburgh

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